Saturday, 3rd November 2018

Dear Journal, Spent most of the day indoors today, out of the ever increasing Sydney temperatures. Not even summer yet and yesterday was a vulgar 40°C, with today around 31°C. And to think we will peak at around 47°C soon enough. Save me! Little Everly Primrose is a little clingy to Mumma lately. She loves … Continue reading Saturday, 3rd November 2018


October Favourites | What I’m Diggin’ This Month

What made the October favourites list? This month the focus has been so much on you, the community, and on my family during the birth of our daughter that I invested little in those tangible things that usually make my monthly favourites list. There was, however, a few noteworthy favs making the list which I'm … Continue reading October Favourites | What I’m Diggin’ This Month