I like to keep busy and explore a range of different types of content and projects. Here is where you’ll find just that – a collection of some of my works that are personal, different or centred around others.


This series puts hardworking parents, community & tribe members under the spotlight. I interview interesting people from all across the world where we go on a journey to pick their brains to bring you engaging interviews, aimed at giving insights into how they juggle a busy work-life schedule in each of their endeavours. We aim to share their wisdom, tips and experience so you too can take away a little magic into your own life.


Exactly that. My personal journal. Why have I made it available? Because I value transparency and it serves as a place, I, myself can even come back and visit. If it’s really personal, it’ll find it way into my leather bound journal instead.


My YouTube channel videos, often with a little extra tied to them, in a convenient collection for you here.