Finally Coffee; Saturday, 21st September 2019

Dear Journal, The gentle snoring of the kids in the tent, memories. The bush? Our lounge room. First it was marshmallows over the fire pit follows by a BBQ dinner. Snuck out to Micky D's for desserts. Empty cups and pies cases on the coffee table. The taste of "finally coffee" lingers. We watched Disney's … Continue reading Finally Coffee; Saturday, 21st September 2019


Friday, 21st December 2018

Dear Journal, Today started off incredibly intense. I'm fortunate I had time off to recover from burnout previously because I needed the energy to overcome the challenges of making such hard choices today. But people matter. I'm nearly at 20,000 words done on my manuscript. I'm so proud. It's so enjoyable writing this memoir and … Continue reading Friday, 21st December 2018