Some last words.

Some last words.

This is kinda like a quick journal post but because I'm linking a short video in it, I thought I'd keep it simple. For anyone in the community that humbles me with your presence on twitter aswell, you may recall I put out a Merry Christmas message via twitter video this week. I reached out [...]

Friday, 21st December 2018

Dear Journal, Today started off incredibly intense. I'm fortunate I had time off to recover from burnout previously because I needed the energy to overcome the challenges of making such hard choices today. But people matter. I'm nearly at 20,000 words done on my manuscript. I'm so proud. It's so enjoyable writing this memoir and [...]

November Favourites | What am I diggin’ this month?

November Favourites | What  am I diggin’ this month?

November has been really interesting, for many of us, in many ways. Alot of my readers here are deep lovers of books and reading. Others are passionate writers. As a result I've found myself on a parallel wavelength with many within our community. NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month has seen a large number of [...]