Two years. That’s about as long as the tank runs before I get antsy and need to shake things up. It’s happened since I had my first job.

Now in my 30’s I’ve done a few different things in life worth mentioning here which have really shaped the reason why I chose to create content online, including this here blog. Funnily enough it’s the only thing I’ve ever done much past that two year mark I mentioned.

In a strange nutshell, I’m a double degree qualified scientist who dropped out of a PhD to start a martial arts business before entering the corporate space in recruitment which saw me eventually start a photography business not before entering the lab as a chemist which then lead me to move into quality compliance in radiopharmaceuticals. While all that was going down I’ve been blogging, YouTubing and podcasting on and off since 2014. Other bits in between that included University tutoring, working in a Pharmacy, many years in database management and marketing as well as a few years as a lead barista in a coffee shop. No lie, I can make a good coffee.

A part of me hates that I’ve done alot but another side of me is grateful as it’s opened my eyes to more than I could have thought. And ultimately, in an odd way, even though it might be hard to see at face value, the move from one thing to another was very strategic and spanned the better part of over a decade.

This all takes me to today, this blog you’ve landed on. I mainly write in the context of a lifestyle blogger, drawing upon my experiences in life but not without forgetting I’m still young so it all comes from a place of humilty and humbleness. I like to write articles as the journey unfolds, almost documenting what I’m doing at times.

Ultimately I see a novel of sorts coming to surface in the next few years, aiming to tell the story of a guy, in a unique way thats worthy of reading, who’s done alot but which lead to a good outcome. I just figure you’re here a little early to catch it all unfolding.

If you’d like to reach out, the best way to get me 1:1 is on twitter.

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