Two years. That’s about as long as the tank runs before I get antsy and need to shake things up. It’s happened since I had my first job.

Now in my late 30’s, I’ve done a few different things in life worth unpacking to give you context around my writing. In a strange nutshell, I’m a double degree qualified scientist who dropped out of a PhD to start a martial arts business. I worked on the corporate scene in recruitment for a few years while testing my hand at photography on the side. Other moves included working as a university tutor in physics, in a pharmacy as a dispense technician, and also as a lead barista in a coffee shop. After scratching many itches, I felt called back to where it all began – the sciences.

My humble beginnings in the sciences started in the lab as a chemist, both testing, and manufacturing medicines, ultimately leading me to where I’ve spent the last decade of my career in quality compliance in radiopharmaceuticals, big pharma, and medical devices. While all that was going down I’ve been blogging, YouTubing, and podcasting on and off since 2014.

A part of me hates that I’ve done a lot but another side of me is grateful as it’s opened my eyes to more than I could have imagined.

This all brings us to the present, this blog you’ve landed on. I’ve always loved writing. I mainly write from the perspective of a story teller, drawing upon my emotions and experiences, all the while hoping it comes from a place of humility.

If you’d like to reach out, the best way to say hi is to send me an email.

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