We live in a time where science is being sensored.

We live in a time where subject matter experts, distinguished scientists and medical professionals who were once listened to are now being deleted.

We are observing those that invented much of the medicine and health care we have come to value so much, be shut down because the hole that has been dug now is so deep, the facts no longer matter.

Humanity’s greatest progression has been through open discussion.

Facts and feelings were distinguishable.

We never saw the deployment of fact checkers against everything people said.

Peer review happened through distinguished and known professional peers. You knew their names, their credentials. They weren’t just an unknown community of ‘experts’ green ticking what suited their agenda.

When the truth gets suppressed, you ought to be asking questions.

Infact, when opinion gets suppressed, you ought to be asking questions.

It’s easy to get blindsided by current events and think that once it’s over it will be back to ‘normal’. But history has a funny way of leaving an ‘audit trail’. When you take the time to view things openly, unbiased and with clarity, you can quite quickly see that things are not right.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to find the answers, facts and data, and that’s because you are potentially guided away from the truth. Those that take the time to learn how to navigate the plethora of blindfolds will eventually see the science, data, and facts. There are those that have fortunately spent the better part of their careers professionally navigating such information and know how to do it. And they have. And they are.

But, when people allow suppression of such due process, then, my friends, we circle all the way back to my very first sentence above.

And here we are.

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