Our country is in dire need of genuine, brave, intellectually and emotionally intelligent leadership, with integrity at its heart.

It’s difficult to take what you know is truly right and stand before the people you serve and speak from the heart. And when you do, your voice breaks.

It is arguable that this is one of the most significant times in the history of humanity where people need leadership and someone to look towards that has the answers our people seek. The people of this great country, including our brothers and sisters across nations abroad need to join united in the bond that is the human spirit and look to our future.

Humanity should be free. Of course, rules help guide us, morals keep us to a path of dignity, and honour binds us to what matters, but at our core, as a people, we are free.

There is so much truth in protecting the future of our children, for they are the one and only path forward after we become the past. There simply is no other way forward without them. Precisely and assuredly I tell you, there is no path forward without them being taken care of. Those that do not see that embody the very act of selfishness.

Anytime a truly great leader has touched the lives of the people they love, the world has remembered. Their selfless acts of being apart of humanity, for humanity, and by humanity, has moved humanity forward in ways that are worth reflecting on with pride.

Leadership of this level is in many of you. There is room for plenty of it in this country, and world. Selfless leaders don’t compete, they unite. They are not threatened, they liberate. They do not suppress, they listen.

Now is the time to lead. If you have the skill, lead. If you have the time, lead. If you have the vision, lead. If you have the faith, lead.

Now is the time.

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