I’m struggling to type this post — apologies if it just ends abruptl-

Where was I? Apologies if just ends abruptly. I took it upon my self yesterday afternoon to attempt to service our whipper snipper (lawn edger for those not familiar with the term, and it didn’t end well. I’m ok, but after doing the service and hearing it just kick over when I pulled the cord, only to fail again, my inner competitiveness wouldn’t let me give up. Henceforth I now have a blistered hand, and a case of delayed onset muscle soreness, so typing is a mission. I now realise just how soft I sound having typed this paragraph–

Moving on.

Ending this week I felt a lot calmer than the week before. Although I was swept off of my feet at work, the weekend to end it was a lot more chilled.

Drawing my dreams

I’ve never attempted to draw my dreams before. In fact, with less than satisfactory sleep of late, I tend not to dream much at all, which is a shame. I had a disturbing dream on Sunday morning though that really got me thinking about interpreting our dreams and what value it has. I took to my notebook for the first time to sketch what I remember. I’m no artist. It was of someone falling into water and me going into to save them but not being able to find my way back to the surface.

Having thought about what it meant, I recall an event that happened Saturday evening that caught me off guard and made me feel overwhelmed, as though I couldn’t escape my reality. I can only think my dream was my mind interpreting that emotional event through a sense of not being able to get the air I needed at the surface of the water, much like a feeling of overwhelm.

Drawing my dream allowed me to regain control of the image which put me back in the driving seat, of life.

The fair

We attended a local fair of sorts. Lot’s of stalls. Food trucks. Music. Unexpectedly caught up with someone I hadn’t seen in a while. It was rather nice. I enjoy taking the kids to these types of events. It’s where memories are made.

Pet Peeves

We aimed for two, but managed to record one, a few technical issues set us back an hour. None-the-less, we released the next weekly episode of Journey to Wherever. This week’s podcast was a little light hearted, and therapeutic, allowing us to divulge our pet peeves, those nagging things others do that makes our blood boil. We all have them, pet hates/peeves. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Leave me a comment below.

Oh, and following this podcast would mean a lot :)


I quite enjoyed writing this week’s blog post – it was about introverts. I figure there is a good chance you are one of them too. It’s worth a read. Just the word introvert makes me feel at peace. It feels like an ‘internal’, ‘self reflective’ word, and I like being in my own head. Are you an introvert? You can read the post here.


I wanted to leave you with a tweet about kindness. It’s my most retweeted and liked tweet – and I think that speaks volumes. It’s related and believable. And now, it’s a tweetable. That rhymed.


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>>You can read my previous post here.

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