If I had to wrap it up in one word; productive. I throw that word with caution too. I think the word ‘productivity’ has a little baggage, having been used by so many people it often get’s mixed in a convoluted jumble of “hacks” that most never master. But that said, I sure felt productive, having something to do with the fact I’m deep into a macro cycle of periodization.


Mid-week I was a little thrown off when I woke at 0500am to the sound of a CB radio chatting away with random voices coming from my five year old daughter’s room. One of her walkie-talkies was switched on and buried in the bottom of a toy basket. It had just happened to chime into a chat on channel 12. It scared the shit out of me as the voices eerily echoed through the walls. It was the perfect start to halloween. We took the kids out for trick-or-treat for the second year in a row which they certainly enjoyed.


The scientist in me was fulfilled after I attended an interesting workshop hosted by a couple of orthopaedic surgeons covering unicompartmental and total knee arthroplasty procedures this week. It was quite eye opening seeing some new techniques at play in the field of knee replacements and certainly added to my knowledge in the field of medical devices.

Art is so underrated

Riding the, e-hum, productivity train, I was up at 0640am on Saturday morning, podcast bag packed and heading out to record yet another episode of Journey to Wherever. After sipping the left-over ‘V’ that sat in the can from the day before, we banged out two back-to-back episodes of the show. I really can’t explain the rush I get after I dive deep into the creative process. If I could turn back time I’d certainly start the journey that is creativity so much earlier in life, dropping the physics text book in place of a sharpie and a notebook, a graphics design class or some other form of creative outlet. The arts are so underrated.

Watching my girls create

As I woke this morning I promised myself I’d ‘do nothing’ today. This morning after taking my time to wake up, I ventured outside to watch my wife and oldest daughter get their paint brushes out and go Shabby-chic on some old side tables we had. That was my Sunday highlight. From there we searched for Crocodile documentaries on YouTube where we spent an hour watching a crocodile named the Swamp King in Far North Queensland hunt ducks, dingos and cover itself in mud to survive the seasonal drought. It was the real deal.

My own creative time

And, so here I am, late Sunday afternoon, the smell of roast chook and rice cooking in the oven, I’m penning through blog posts, notably this one which you’ll be reading more than likely during my tomorrow. I plan to break soon, eat, wind the night down and get back into work mode on this here Macbook with a late night editing session of Episode 6 of the podcast.

Going for what you really want out of life certainly keeps you busy. In fact, you don’t really ever have the opportunity to totally ‘switch off’ but I figure when you’re having fun doing it, it almost doesn’t feel like work anyway.


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