I am currently testing out Live Transcribe to write a blog post. As you know, as a blogger it can be quite challenging sometimes to write content when you’re always on the go. You’ve got work, family commitments, relationships, friends, and other hobbies and activities and it can be quite a challenge to set aside some time to sit down and pen out a blog post. So what I’m doing now while commuting to work is transcribing some words using a new app I’m trialling by Google called Live Transcribe; I speak, it’s transcribes my words into text which I can then publish as a post.

This process won’t be the norm for me – I really love the process of actually writing. To me the process of writing is highly therapeutic and brings a sense of clarity to my thoughts in that it actually helps me clarify the words that I want to put down on paper. Which for me is what writings is all about. That said, however, I do have to do a week in review post and I’m a day behind in that so here we go. Cheers to productivity.

The blog

Last week was a little light on as far as blogging is concerned. I had plans to put out a blog post on Thursday, but I was quite tied up last week with a busy ‘day job’ work week. The calendar was filled with lots of appointments. However, my co-host and I did get around to recording episode 5 of the Journey to Wherever podcast. We sat down on a Wednesday night as opposed to an early morning weekend session to record the show. It was actually quite enjoyable because it broke up the week. We did a podcast based on our favourite 80s and 90s action movies which was a real fun one to record because we had a lot of laughs and it just broke up that week, you know, that hump day feel.

The mind

The week that was, I continued to read a book by, who is now arguably one of my favorite authors, Austin Kleon and that book is called Keep Going. It’s a short book, but my schedule is full so I read slow. It’s the follow-up book to Show Your Work. A really great book so far, a review will be coming for that one soon.

The life

The weekend came and it was dedicated to family events on Saturday. I celebrated the birthday of my nephew, which was a really fun filled day. And Sunday, we did a first birthday combined-baptism for our third child Everly which was a really nice event. I still can’t believe she is one already.

Late Sunday night got to edit episode 5 of Wednesdays recorded podcast and strung together the show notes. We have a great workflow going,managed mostly via a whatsapp and Google drive process. Basically we record the show, I edit it, Daniel my co-host drafts up the title options and show notes, I do a review and load them to anchor in draft format, we both listen to the show for a final check and then once we are both happy I hit publish. Daniel then creates some social graphics which I combine with some copy and we go to marketing mode. We run a tight ship between busy work and parent life. That episode was ready to release on Monday morning. It’s an interesting time of year where I’m currently in my ‘peak season’. If you want to learn more about ‘peak seasons’. You can listen to episode 4 of our podcast here where we talk about Peak seasons and taking advantage of your peaks and off-peaks in your career.

The juggle is real

This time of year I usually find myself picking up the pace which means I’m quite active and alert, wanting to feel productive late at night. It has a downfall in the morning; I tend to wake up a little tired. However, I’m trying to be more conscious about when to say yes to a task and when to say no to a task. I’m trying to stretch out how long my peak lasts for.

The lunch session

So all in all it was a busy week as far as the ‘day job’ was concerned which took a lot of my focus. Then with all of the family events on it diverted my attention away from being able to write. But now as I sit here on lunch, editing this morning’s live transcribe session, I feel more confident in being able to still get content out when I’m super busy. After all, I figured I’m losing anywhere between three and four hours a day driving to work now which is time I could otherwise use blogging or creating. And being a type A personality, I always want to be doing something – keeping busy, creating, writing and putting out content for the community. I look forward to seeing you on the next post.


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