Hmm, where exactly do I start? It’s already 2/3 of the way into the month and without hesitation I can literally say that it’s blitzed by at what feels like lightning speed.

I spent the better part of last week in the hospital with our youngest daughter whom was quite ill after she came down with a rapid kidney infection. That moment was scary; being under 12 months old this was the first real sickness for her and it was quite the situation having to escort her in an ambulance after she turned blue. Let’s just say I’m thankful to God she is ok. Parents, hug your kids.

Following that ordeal–

The week returned to somewhat normal pretty quick. Back to work and back to being creative. Blogtober is arguably collateral this month, but none-the-less posts are still coming out. That’s life, am I right?

I’ve been hard at work within Garageband, editing each weekly episode of the podcast Journey to Wherever.

That show is going remarkably well with feedback coming in from many directions. It’s very humbling to see. Interested in listening to the most recent episode? I got you…

This weeks post was about creativity, something I’m really finding a connection to as I grow up (yes, I said that right :) I am heavily inspired of late by the work of Austin Kleon, hence the style of post. The title of this weeks blog post was Sharing your creativity with vulnerability.

I also added yet another book to my collection. This week’s addition was a little blue book called Keep Going (likely a book review coming soon) which is the follow up book to Show Your Work. Keep Going is exceptionally good so far. Stay tuned for that review post. Oh, and the good folks at Book Depository are highly recommend when it comes to buying books online, free shipping worldwide, it’s ridiculous. I’m hooked.

My favourite track this week is Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics. It’s an 80’s classic that gets me excited of a morning as I head into work. I went down the rabbit hole and started for searching for cool remixes of it too, like this one.

That tune gets me ready for a busy work day. Speaking of work, recently I attended a workshop where I got to participate in a hip, and, total knee replacement (TKR). Here’s me boring out the femur to allow an implant to fit snug. Quite an experience.

Lastly, I participated in a Walkathon with the Macquarie Park businesses late last week, raising much needed funds to support underprivileged kids in the area. We raised on $70,000 as part of the 6km walk. That was wrapped up with a sausage sizzle, BBQ sauce and onions of course.

Oh, and I’m enjoying putting marker to paper in my note book, letting whatever comes to mind spill onto the paper. There is something about tangible handwritten words that brings one back to the core. You should try it.

And that’s about that.

How was your week?


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