You and I both… we’ve started a new notebook or journal. Stumped.

What’s to go on the first page? It has to be perfect. No.

In todays post I decided to share my own first page, imperfectly. And that felt about as good as perfect anyway. I figured that if I include the feeling of vulnerability in my creative process, such that it is apart of it, then it becomes part of the craft itself. Problem solved.

Create. Then share. We’d love to see it.


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2 thoughts on “Sharing your creativity with vulnerability

  1. “What’s to go on the first page? It has to be perfect. No.” 100% agree. This often prevents man people from actually starting and creating…

    1. Yes! So true. Exactly right. Being afraid to put pen to paper for so many reasons. Imagine if we just vulnerably put it out there. It’s liberating. Andaybe reaches people who need it. Thank you.

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