Take me back two years and I would have felt ‘unfinished’ had I have made my own rig for filming video. Today, well, that’s a different story. I find joy in making something I know contributes to my creativity, because the process itself is creative.

The project (most technical paragraph, I promise)

I recently picked up a micro-tripod that had a universal camera mount configuration that also had a smart phone adaptor. Couple that with my shotgun mic and I could have had something worthing rigging. I needed a cold shoe mount though to hold the mic. I had one laying around from an old rig and external flash I no longer owned that I figured would be perfect.

Tools of the trade

  • Tarzans Grip Superglue
  • SwissChamp Army Knife
  • Scrap paper from my daughters craft drawer to catch spilt glue
  • Old rig to pull apart
  • Another camera to document this process. Meta.

A place for everything. Everything in its place.


First I had to remove old glue.

Then I had to apply fresh glue. Carefully. That shit is reeaaaaal sticky.

Meticulously placing the cold shoe mount on the glue. Luckily I have two university degrees. They literally paid for themselves in this moment. Brace yourselves.

Then, magic breath.

Pushing down with finger.

Oh, hey there.

The end.


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