I have about five or six favourite books so far, the kind of favourite that if I knew I was going to find myself in a post apocalyptic world, I’d want those books in my zombie pack. One such book that recently made it on that list is Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I love it for a number of reasons;

  • It’s form factor is fun. A square, almost rubbery yellow and black cover. Hey, these things matter.
  • It’s a short enough read to get through in one sitting if your fast enough but if you read at my pace, about three. That in no way means it’s short of value. Quite the opposite. In fact, it’s so well written that you’ll find your self quickly inspired to carve out your creative piece of the pie, jumping to share your work with the world.
  • It’s split into ten chapters, each one walking you through the reasons you need to start showing your work now, and just how to do it. It’s a fun read filled with little pieces of artwork that add the right amount of context to support all of the key messages.

This book is fitting for bloggers and writers alike, musicians, artists, creatives; you name it. If you feel you have a voice inside you, an itch to create, but a fear to put your work out into the world, fear no more. There is value in just one person falling in love with what you create. And by taking Kleon’s practical and logical advice to heart, you’ll likely find that showing people your work will make a few more than you think fall in love with it along the way. It basically sells itself. The book that is. You’ll have to put in some effort, but it’s all worth it if you believe in your message.

I can’t recommend the book enough. It’s jam packed with value. I picked up my own copy from the BookDepository for less than $14, with free shipping. I mean, really?

Yesterday I punched out my September Favourites post where I hinted to having picked up a new book to share on this months favourites, hint hint, you heard it here first. Pays to read my posts now, doesn’t it?

A vibrant, fresh, positive and delightful approach to encouraging the creative individual to take a leap of faith, this book is worth adding to your collection. I can fast see that that I’ll be picking this one up time and time again for another read. It’s that type of book.

And in the spirit of being meta, here is a snap of me writing this actual blog post. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

So much inception.


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