I warmed right up in September. That means I enjoyed a lot of things too. Here’s the deal–

We all know I hate summer, blah blah. But for some strange reason, reasons I’m also not willing to accept, as the sun gets closer and spring approaches, I come alive. It’s totally counter intuitive to my very existence. Ok, not quite, but you get the deal.

A by-product of this phenomenon is that I find myself reading a tonne, cooking new recipes on the BBQ, wearing a few new items of clothing and picking up new creative interests.

What am I reading?

This month I picked up a copy of Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Bold name. Even bolder approach to being happy. I’m about half way through, mostly because I got interrupted by another equally good book which I’ll cover next month since I’m still reading that second book.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is a counterintuitive approach to really settling the score on entitlement and re-framing our take on thinking everything should be perfect. I knew picking up the book it would be different, and I like different. But to my delight it still surprised me even more; Mark’s take on finding happiness is the real deal. It gets me laughing, thinking, and reading aloud to my wife many of the paragraphs that strike me with an epiphany. All round good book. And yes, it drops the fuck bomb a hell’a lot (contextually).

The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F

What am I eating?

I grew up thinking lamb was bad. I was told it smelt bad. It cooks bad. Just all ’round bad. Boy, was I wrong. You’re probably thinking my realisation should have come along time ago. You 1, me 0.

I’ve been throwing down sea salt flakes, rosemary and olive oil like it’s no-ones business, rubbing lamb cutlets in ways that no man should rub lamb cutlets. The end result? Perfectly grilled, juicy, bite sized pieces of glory on the end of a charred rib. I’ve also had a go at lamb sizzle steaks too, to which I was pleasantly surprised. Taking them off the grill a minute or two earlier than I think I should ensures they stay a juicy pink. So, I’m eating lamb! And realising my entire childhood was a lie.

Rosemary marinated lamb

What am I wearing?

It was Father’s day in September. And I was spoilt. Nothing (almost) makes me happier than a fresh pair of white shoes, right-out the box. When I first started dating my now-wife back in 2006 she got me onto Chuck Taylor All Star Classics, the Low Top Whites. These shoes get better with age. Eventually they got too good and fell apart. Now, thirteen years later, I’ve finally got a new pair. Coupled with a pair of ball crushing skinny blue denims and I’m right to go.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classics

What am I listening to?

I’m hooked. Straight out, hooked! I binged listened to the podcast Not Overthinking, a show co-hosted by Ali and Taimur Abdaal. These two brothers brought light to my ears each morning and afternoon for days throughout September, to the point I’m now fully caught up on their podcast, just hanging by a thread for the next episode.

Ali is a doctor at Cambridge, he’s also a YouTuber. Taimur is a data scientist and writer who has also recently dived into the tech startup world. Their on-mic chemistry and banter makes me laugh, in fact their laughs alone make me laugh. I’d count them as cool nerds (like me of course). It’s a weekly podcast about happiness, creativity, and the human condition.

You know when someone explains something that you’ve been thinking in your head many times before, but never articulated it before? Well these two lads do it justice. I think they’ll appreciate me calling them that. If you listen to podcasts, listen to them. So good.

Not Overthinking
Image linked via apple podcasts.

What I’m watching

In September? Nothing actually. Actually, that’s a lie. The months before that I was watching House of Cards, then I decided to stop catching the train to work so now I don’t have an hour of free time to watch that series anymore (will have to wait till next winter).

While reading or working of a night on my blog, I’ll turn my right eye to the TV while my wife watches Secret Bridesmaids Business. It’s a chilling show that is still uncovering the storyline but so far it’s quite good. The premise? Three friends are caught up in a thrilling stalker-vinyard-cheating-lawyer-wedding scandal. Yeah, that about sums it up. It would appear Seven Studios are stepping up their game, particularly with the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Stan dominating the subscription media services markets.

All-in-all September was a refreshing month that really facilitated a great start to October. I felt like the month re-kindled a spring in my step, or maybe it is spring coming into Summer. I don’t know. I’m still in denial about that.

Until next post,


P.S. I’m doing #blogtober again. This is technically my day two piece. Go me. Thanks for reading.

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>>You can read #blogtober day 1 here.

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