Dear Journal,

The gentle snoring of the kids in the tent, memories. The bush? Our lounge room. First it was marshmallows over the fire pit follows by a BBQ dinner. Snuck out to Micky D’s for desserts. Empty cups and pies cases on the coffee table. The taste of “finally coffee” lingers.

We watched Disney’s Aladdin. My own wishes coming true; me, my family, healthy, together.

Sunday. No firm plans. Sleep-in followed by chunky peanut butter on crumpets. Hopefully a sleep in.

Trying to muster the courage to put myself out there more. Long delays raises personal questions. Don’t leave it so long next time, Ivan. Consistency. That leads to motivation. Not the other way around.

With work settling. October coming. Spring us here. Keep the momentum going.

Enjoy the calm for now.


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