Even though the last month (and moving into April) has been as busy as a bunch of ants I have managed to balance my insanity and lack of time with some reading to nourish the mind. I can’t wait to share my favourite book of the month, and more.


First cab off the rank is a favourite piece I’m wearing right now. If I admit this one I might loose some readers (being the ultimate nerd that I am) but hey, we are all about being ourselves here, so let’s get to it, shall we?

I’ve invested in some dork level-100 shirts this month, some standing out more than others.

Make no mistake, superman is my favourite comic book character of all time. But there is always room for more superhero-ness in a busy life. This bright red piece representing The Flash might not be that flash to my wife, but I certainly won’t get lost in public wearing it.

One scientist can only dream of working for an agency as significant as NASA but in the meantime I am putting out astronomical vibes into the universe by sporting this black cotton Tee, and yes, I wear it to work, proudly.


I have a long history with yo-yo-ing on my diet, ultimately trying to be healthy but not quite hitting the mark. I’ve been vegan on and off for nearly a decade, mostly for the health benefits, even though I love meat, especially Pork belly. Recently I made a conscious effort to reconsider what I eat and the last week has been the best in a long time. I’ve been exploring curries and Asian soups, making meals mostly from fresh ingredients, and from scratch. I’m super proud, and 3kg lighter in a week already. Double-win.


I just wrote a review piece on this book. I promise this is the last time I’ll mention the book again since I’ve raved on about it for weeks now, so do yourself a favour and take a peek 🤞🏼😁. How to Be Everything by Emilie Wapnick. Thank me later, Multipotentialite!


Revamping my email list for starters. I’ve had my list for a few years, but didn’t give it the love it deserved to be honest. But that’s changing. My inbox is a direct passage into my life, even more than twitter and I’d love to engage with my readers alot more. I figure I can add value via my email newsletter alot more, so that’s what I’m doing. Care to join?

Oh yeah, and I’ve also bought a mountain bike recently so I take that out as a new hobby when I have some free time. I don’t plan on joining a professional circuit or anything, this one is purely for fun, spending time with my son while riding and getting that much needed exercise!


Our new car! If you saw my latest YouTube video you might have noticed all the rain and hail we had just before Christmas last year. That resulted in our SUV being written off for hail damage. But setbacks are setups for comebacks as Eric Thomas would say. So we ventured out and bought a new SUV, slighter bigger to accommodate our growing family which turned out well in the end. It’s nothing too fancy but is a real pleasure to drive. We recently went to our son’s soccer game and the boot (trunk) gave me plenty of space to clean off all of the mud I found myself covered in when I slipped in a puddle. Here, you can laugh…

And there you have it. Happy April. Drop me a comment below and say Hi! Better yet, join my newsletter here. I just revamped it!


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2 thoughts on “April Favourites | What I’m WEARING, EATING, READING DOING & LOVING

    1. Yeah, I thought 3kgs was ok so far. A little more again now.

      Thanks for reading. I have a thing for looking after my lawn, lol. The garden we are thinking of changing up a little bit, those trees will grow reasonably tall, thanks for kind comments.

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