If you are subscribed to this blog, this here special post is for you.

At approximately 0930am this morning I came to the realisation that I have 200 readers that follow this little blog. It hit me like a bag of concrete and my first thought was to reach out and thank you all.

You may or may not be surprised to know that I’ve been blogging since early 2014 and during this time my blog has evolved quite a bit. Infact, not too long ago I deleted a reasonable portion of older posts that didn’t resonate with my true self, because hey, we grow in 5 years, don’t we?

Today the blog is much less about me, and more about you, it’s really tribe centric. Of course, selfishly, I get to blog about what I want, and since it’s my blog with my name that’s how I like it 😁. But on a serious note, you’re eyes on my work puts it all into perspective and gives me a reason to keep writing for you.

You’ve watched me grow, spill my thoughts, share my stories, divulge my vulnerabilities and celebrate my wins, achievements and special events in my life. For that I thank you.

I raise my coffee mug in honour of you, my reader, and friend. Cheers 🍻.

I’d be honoured to know each of you more. If you’d give me the pleasure of joining my email newsletter here I’d be thrilled to connect with you. Much love.


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