I meme, we all love a good meme, right?

Her crying woke me this morning, a little later than usual, but none-the-less, still before sunrise. As I lay propped up in bed, the open window giving permission to the cool morning breeze to sneak its way into our room, I sat there with a baby bottle in one hand, and a dream in the other, of coffee, from my drip machine.

6.30am the machine began to churn, on auto as it was directed to do. Drip-by-drip the 96Β°C water navigated it’s way through the coarsely ground beans that found themselves piled upon each other in the basket, waiting to let their creative juices out. And they did, one small drop at a time into the glass jug that lay beneath them, ready to keep their liquefied states warm for my cup of Joe. The aroma familiar, and awakening.

And then it happened. I opened twitter. #NationalGrammerDay. Trending? My inner nerd went weak at the knees. I began to billow out laughs over my hot sacrificial beverage.

Let us laugh together, shall we?

And my favourite of all?

Compliments to all on twitter that shared these.

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