It super easy to find ourselves wrapped up in the idea of what social media and fame can give us. The race to get more can become toxic. More followers. More likes. More shares. Just, more.

One of the problems with this as content consumers is we have to sort through a mound of noise to find genuine people that don’t just want us as a number on their list.

To make the process easy for you I’ll be transparent from the get. I’d like to think by now that you’ve seen that from me, but for anyone that’s new around here, let me be open with you, shall I?

Sure, it’d be nice to make money from my writing, but right now, I don’t. And right now I don’t even have anything to sell you. Except my personality, but that’s free. There is no hiding, however, that one day I’d like to write and prosper, maybe speak about it, maybe have something worth buying, if you’re a fan. But like most things here, you’ll be part of the journey towards any of that so you’ll know it all as I place it on the table.

One thing is certain though, there is no hiding the fact that I love to write for you. Furthermore, I’d like to put that work into print someday, you know, a book, or two, or three… I won’t expect you to buy it. I’ll have no expectation of the sort. In fact, if you don’t buy a single copy I won’t bat an eye, I’ll still love you the same none-the-less. But, I will ask, someday.

Until that time, whenever that is, my job here is to keep writing for you. Because I want to. Not because I have any other hidden agendas. My goal is always to bring value, even in the pieces I selfishly write for myself sometimes. There will be a hidden message in there to keep just for you.

It gives me goosebumps when I wake to your comments, not because it’s a numbers game, but because you spent the time, your time, valuable time, to write to me, to read my stuff. That matters.

When you do share my work, it’s not another tick of a box in my grand plan, it’s a sign that you think my work is worth sharing to someone else you care about. That matters.

When you do tweet me, it’s a real conversation, and I’ll treat it that way. Because you’re voice matters.

I’m hopeful, one day, that I’ll have a large tribe. I’m not going to lie. I’ll soak up any fame the universe is so fortunate to bless me with. I’m selfish in that respect. However, each bit of selfishness is paired with the intent to give. None of these potential gifts comes from just me. It comes from you and your support. And for that you’ll always come first. For without you my work is invisible.

I see each of you. I know your interests, you dislikes, you’re struggles and your wins. I can’t have the audacity to think you’ll care about me and my hopes if I don’t care about yours first. You’re family.

This is me. An open book. And an open door to you all…


2 thoughts on “What exactly am I trying to get out of you?

  1. A famous writer once told me that the only way to become a writer who is known and loved is to write, write, write and leave nothing unsaid. I have lived by this for years and trust that you have as well. Everything in your heart and soul needs to be exposed and only then will you achieve the results you desire.
    Best of luck my cousin, keep those thoughts flowing.
    Hugs, Wendy

    1. I agree with those words. Vulnerability has been the biggest eye opener for me. And has introduced me to so many wonderful people that now enjoy my work. I’m grateful for that. It’s a long game, a life long one, but a joyful one, hopefully for me and my readers. Thank you for all of your support ❤️. Ivan

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