I started this piece of with a transparent title by including the word ‘selfish’. I always aim to be inclusive of my community in all of my writing, giving you a lesson or bite sized tip through a story or two. For some, this will be no different, but it is about my last name so hopefully you’ll relate. But, by the end, it’s my intent that you’ll feel connected.

I was born on June 3rd, some 30 odd years ago. Like all of us here, I was born into a name. Our names, both our first and last, can signify alot about our heritatge and about the line we come from. For many, this shapes who they feel they ought to be become, or at the very least in how others expect you to be. It can also, by default, play a part in how people see you.

Opinions of others, atleast for me, don’t matter for the most part. My opinions of myself? Now that’s precious.

Today I posed the question to my twitter community; should I change my profile picture? It’s not a hard thing to do, it was mostly about a refreshing look more than anything. But that’s because I want me behind the brand, so a picture matters to me. This ties in with how I see my last name, and what it signifies.

I’m forever grateful for those before me, for it gave my a lineage through which to be born. One thing is for certain — through my love for people, and my desire to impact on the world, I want my name to signify something I feel should be synonymous when someone hears it – kindness.

I want the translation of the name Siladji to be recognised the world over by kindness, through everything I do. I want every message I send out, every interaction I share, every social exchange I embark on to be underpinned by a sense of kindness, honestly, wholeheartedly and genuinely. I want it to be recognised as a symbol of trust, that through me and my work you can feel included, a part of everything I do, and a place to feel safe. A place to be you. Yourself. And through that, you can be kind to yourself, and others.

I’m Ivan Siladji, and I love your spirit.

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6 thoughts on “A selfish post about my last name

  1. My dear cousin Ivan. I relate to your sentiments so much. Even though I came to be honoured with the name Siladji by marriage I will always celebrate that day and the name I was given. God Bless you and your family and keep up the blogging. Love it my cuz! Hugs Wendy Siladji

    1. You’re such a special person. All of your comments are always so warming. Thank you. Sending you lots of love, to all the family. I’m so grateful you read. Ivan.

  2. Every interaction I’ve had with you has given me the impression of kindness and caring from you. Someone I’ve never actually met. In a world (social media) where it is so easy to hide behind a screen and scrutinize or belittle others, you choose kindness. That is something, I believe, that we should all choose in life. To simply be kind to one another. It literally costs nothing to be kind to someone.
    Thank you for being you Ivan. 😁
    ~ Ray

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