I really believe this year will be full of emotion, interpreted through writing.

Last year I was able to really begin the journey of being vulnerable, of being honest, of putting it all on the table, so as not to care for anyone’s judgement and, to live knowing my mind is free of question, guilt or fear.

This year will hopefully see that in full fruition. Often we fear what others will think, we fear confrontation, we fear unacceptance, we fear being seen as less than we personally aspire to be. We may even let others put us down, manipulate us, or make us feel less worthy that we really are. It’s a difficult journey. But one I’m realising maybe all of us should embrace.

2018 bought into my life three main areas of joy;

  1. Everly. Our third child.
  2. Writing.
  3. The loving relationship with my wife and kids.

Looking back, if I’m to be honest, not much else was ideal. Work was always an unnecessary challenge. Second and third degree relationships broke down because I began to stand for my truth for once and I noticed resistance from others when I did. But it was required, for my spirit, and for my family.

Challenges however, they make you stronger if you allow them too.

My writing bought so much joy to my life, a joy I haven’t felt on a spiritual level for some time. It’s nourishing, it’s reflective and it’s therapeutic. It’s also a way for me to share messages with a community I care deeply about, those that read my blog. And for that I am grateful.

I hope, looking back on this post, that one day I will have realised the following;

  1. That I continued to grow, became stronger, and stood up for what I believed in and my emotions.
  2. That even through any difficult times or challenges, I prevailed.

I’m optimistic this year, no matter the road ahead, that it is for the greater good. A chapter to be written in a life long journey, that on a macro level, is worth looking back on with peace, humility, joy, gratitude and love. For myself and for all.


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