What a year it has been. By far, levelled by none, this has been my most favourite year of blogging to date.

Here is wrap of the best posts of the year. A few indicators needed to be met in order to make the list, each outlined below. They are ranked 1 – 5 with number 1 being the winner.

This list wouldn’t have been possible without you. You made it, because you read them. Big ups for that! Thank you.

Top 5 posts by most views

  1. I (we) have something to tell you. This one meant alot to me. And will always serve as a memory moving forward of the joy in our life now with Everly in it.
  2. I have someone for you to meet. Plays off the first one, I guess everyone wanted the follow up. One of the best days of my life.
  3. 5 way to be a better manager, CEO and leader. Although I’m not surprised this one made the list since it’s a great message so many leaders needed to hear, it’s a little different than what my readers are usually used to of late. I suspect, but may be wrong, that most views came from outside the community.
  4. Mission and change statement. This message was pivotal in the blog, both in its success this year and how I see it and you. I’ve really tried my genuine best to make this blog ours, not just mine. If you read anything here, I’d be humbled if it’s this one piece. It really is about you.
  5. A childhood event that should have killed me but instead taught me something of life. I’m lucky to be here, literally. What a lesson looking back.

Top 3 posts by most loved

  1. Are you read for #blogtober 2018? This one kicked off the greatest 31 days of the year — blogtober. So much content came from this one seed. You can see the list of posts that spawned here.
  2. Be grateful you’re still a small blogger (or creator)! A solid message for everyone who puts out any form of content online, with the goal of reaching anyone.
  3. 5 ways to be less ‘un-social’ on social media. I’ve spent more time on twitter this year than any other social platform. Our time shared together there compelled me to write this post for many of you. I hope it resonates.

My personal favourites of the year

  1. Mission and change statement. I have to add this one here again, it’s really was a profound turning point, and one I’ve super enjoyed.
  2. Upon my darkest hour, becomes our greatest light. A story I’ve wanted to tell for years. And one I hope brings peace to many who have experienced loss.
  3. Falling in love, in between time itself. Nothing like my usual writing, 10 short lines, but a story to remember for the rest of my life.
  4. The broken toilet teaching writers a lesson. A fun memory with a great unexpected lesson. Have a read of this one.

And there you have it. Any you would have thought should have been on the list? I’d love to know, maybe a people choice award could be added. 😁

Thank you all again so much for everything. I’m so committed to you and the blog for the next 365 days, it’s going to be a heck of a journey. If there is anything you’d like to see more of next year, or anything you enjoyed in particular, please let me know. It would mean alot.

All the best.


3 thoughts on “The Top Blog Posts of 2018

  1. These are all wonderful pieces to read! I think you have done a wonderful job with your blog this year! Your writing is comprehensible and interesting to read. Keep up the great work in 2019! I can’t wait to read more of your content. Also, my personal favorite post of yours was FALLING IN LOVE, IN BETWEEN TIME ITSELF. I related to this so well. It really touched on exactly how I felt when I first held my son.
    ~ Ray

    1. This is one of my favourite comments of the year. So much gratitude for you being around. Thanks a bunch. And what an amazing year for you with the birth of your son. All the best for next year. And thanks again Ray.

      1. Aww thanks :) I’m glad you liked my comment so much. I was just being honest!
        And yes, it was definitely an amazing year. Tough, but amazing. All the best to you too for 2019!
        ~ Ray

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