Dear Journal,

Today started off incredibly intense. I’m fortunate I had time off to recover from burnout previously because I needed the energy to overcome the challenges of making such hard choices today. But people matter.

I’m nearly at 20,000 words done on my manuscript. I’m so proud. It’s so enjoyable writing this memoir and I’m astonished by just how much I remember in life, across so many aspects of it, the intricacies, the details, the feelings. Everyone should write. If not to share it with others, then just to keep the memories alive. The good and the bad. They all have value.

Just 3 days out from Christmas Eve. I pray this Christmas is a peaceful and humbling time. It’s always held a special place for me, my favourite time of year. This year, inspite of so much good that has happened, it’s swung it’s fair share of challenges. It’s been better than years before, but I still feel life is fast, not allowing me to slow down enough, and be me, enjoy me, live me, truly. My way. Maybe that’s something I need to reflect on more. If I’m being honest here. To dare to be me more. And do as I like more.

I got gifted a new book today. Can’t wait to read it and share it in the next favourites list. I’m sure it will make it to there.


3 thoughts on “Friday, 21st December 2018

    1. Thank you Fiona. I love though, that it is through writing that I find my most genuine voice. It helps with the process. And knowing I have lovely readers in the community like you makes it to very worth it. I hope 2019 is something special for you too. 😁

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