You’ve probably heard it said before right, you know the line —

Find something you’re passionate about that will get you out of bed of a morning.

I haven’t had those kind of feels for sometime, it’s really been just work, work, and yep, work.

Family always bring me joy, but I needed something more.

I began my manuscript (which I have since found out is called a Memoir in my case) and for once I’m compelled to climb out of bed for something other than the daily grind.

Assuming my nights sleep has been good enough to bring some level of energy, my day now looks something like this;

  • 11:30pm Go to bed.
  • 06:20am Wake, coffee, breakfast.
  • 6:59am Leave for the cafe.
  • 07:10am Arrive at cafe, write my manuscript.
  • 08:00am Head to work.
  • 06:30pm Arrive home from work. Dinner. Family time. Dad duties.
  • 10:30pm Squeeze in a blog post when I can (less often for short time now that I’m writing the book).

It’s that 07:10am slot of 50 – 60 mins that I crave and really enjoy.

I won’t lie, waking up early to go and write when I’m certainly not a morning person is not easy. But it’s something I love and when I don’t get to do it, I’m not thrilled.

Here’s a little 90 second version of this update you might like to watch. It also gave me an excuse to put a short piece on my YouTube channel.

I’d love to know – What is your writing routine? And do you have a writing spot?


2 thoughts on “Manuscript Update – A Memoir.

  1. Hi Ivan wow you’ve got a pretty good routine worked out there. Well done you must be fairly disciplined! I don’t have a routine for writing as I kind of think of things spontaneously and like to get at least the ideas down then – while I remember them. Although I guess I’m slightly routined because if time constraint so I will often write a blog post on a weekend morning – if I’m not working. So guess that’s not routine at all 😂🤔

    1. Shucks, thanks. 🤭 I don’t know if I’m super routined. That daily rundown does have to be flexible a bit too. But if I can get to my writing spot three times a week I’m chippy. With three kiddies and full time work it’s a juggle sometimes. But we do our best, don’t we?

      You write frequently though so you must have something that’s working well, you put out content often, kuddos. The spontaneous kind of writing is the best, isn’t it? I think so. It’s true creativity.

      Thanks so much for reading. I always value your comments.


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