November has been really interesting, for many of us, in many ways. Alot of my readers here are deep lovers of books and reading. Others are passionate writers.

As a result I’ve found myself on a parallel wavelength with many within our community. NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month has seen a large number of us chasing down the goal of writing a novel throughout November. I’ve seen a handful of you reach the 50,000 word count goal which made me so happy, for you.

I’ve been consumed, and I say consumed with the utmost amount of love and passion, without wanting to have it any other way, in our new little girl. After taking a month away from work I immersed myself into my family and milked every second of the time I spent with them. A few of you would have noticed my absence around here at times. But its been personally rewarding being present at home. We all need to do it more often.

With all that said, November, with all its busy-ness has given me a bunch of favourties I’m busting to share with you all. So here we go;

What I’m Reading

I put down the self-help books of last month for something a little more spiritual, nourishing my soul with a book I’m wrapped up in called ‘Hippie’ by Paulo Coelho. You might know him? He wrote that phenomenon call The Alchemist.

Yes, these things matter, so I’ll share them too; the softcover book is strangely light and soft, as though selected to match the title. My naivete protected me from the realisation of what the title meant, that Coelho was living through an interesting time, where love was free and so were peoples’ expression of self. I’m anti-drug everything, but within this story I appreciate history and peoples experience so I continued to read on, besides, I had paid $29.99 for the book so I ought to read the thing now. The chapters are short enough to indulge in 2 or 3 at a time keeping you engaged in the fast paced story line.

Unsurprisingly, Coelho is delivering a captivating piece, all of which is based on his true story, shedding light on the events that shaped the life of one of the greatest authors of our time.

What I’m Wearing

Surprisingly, nothing new in this space this month. Besides some new briefs, but let’s not go there.

What I’m Eating

Can I say too much, of everything?

This month was thanksgiving month. I know some of you will raise a brow noting the fact that as an Australian, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving per se but others will know I chose to adopt the celebration merely as a way of intentionally gathering around the table, saying prayer and giving thanks for each other and everything we have. I grilled some turkey wings on the BBQ, for the first time, and they turned out delicious, so there’s that.

There is one product I’m drinking of late that I’m really enjoying. Low in calories, deliciously sweet and ultimately refreshing – H2 Melon Water. They are on special for just $3 a bottle at Coles Express which makes the drive home a real treat.

What I’m Doing

Two things here;

  1. Continuing to write my book. NaNoWriMo ended on November 30. I was behind on target as for word count, in-spite of dedicating time at a cafe before work a number of times each week. None-the-less, as the project is a serious one, this body of work will continue into December. I’m incredibly proud of the work I have put into my non-fiction piece so far and delightfully surprised at just how much I am enjoying the process of writing a manuscript.
  2. Finally finishing of Ozark on Netflix. When I’m not reading, or writing, or parenting, or cleaning, or working, or… I’m finally sitting down to catch up on Ozark starring Jason Bateman. Those who binge watch Netflix will have probably seen it, considering it is rated as one of the best series on the platform. Honestly, it’s a little slow and soft at times for my liking, but the story line is none-the-less intriguing with a laundry list of problems Marty Byrde (played by Bateman) has to deal with while navigating the world of cleaning money.

What I’m Loving

Scrivener. It’s an application available across all platforms, it my case, iOS on iPad which allows writers of all kinds to manage the end-to-end creation of a manuscript. Naturally I’m using this for the process of writing my book draft but it can be used for play writing, scripts, film, song writing, poetry – you name it.

A little pricey at $30.99 (AUD) for the iPad version, but worth the price none-the-less as the platform is filled with all of the necessary tools to plan, write, format and compile a manuscript of any kind. The UI/UX is clean, crisp and easy to follow and for anything you cant’t get your bearings around, a google search easily provides a simple explanation due to the wealth of knowledge and usership around the application. To get you started either way, there is a tutorial built into the app that you can work through first if you like.

I highly recommend the app for serious writers, of any kind. A demo version is available for most, if not all platforms, except for iPad.

And that’s a wrap. November has been fun. But I’m excited for December. The greatest month of the year.

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