Dear Journal,

Mind blown – it’s the 18th already! It also marks the last day of my parental leave. I’m feeling really good about it all.

I’ve had an absolute blast lately. So much joy in my life with Everly being born. I’m feeling refreshed for work, albeit tired from broken sleep, but that’s to be expected.

Every day was filled with something enjoyable, mostly time with the wife and my two girls. I’ve loved taking my little boy to school each day and picking him up. Every single time. One of my highlights.

Starting my book has kept me creative, helped create a routine I’m continuing each day and the blog has been on a great run.

All in all, feeling grand, relaxed and ready like a fire to get get back to work tomorrow. Amazing what some dedicated time off does. Grateful.

Off to put the baby to sleep then to read Hippie by Paulo Coelho.


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