Dear Journal,

Yesterday was my most favourite day with Everly, I literally caught myself falling deep in love with her, in real time. She’s just so perfect.

Its my last week off this week. Still spending a good couple of hours of a weekday morning writing my manuscript. I could do it all day if I had food by my side and didn’t have commitments at home. But reality is reality. Although the back and neck is a little stiff from being seated and typing for so long. First world problems, right?

A few weeks ago I felt rocks fall on my head as I was in the garden, convinced a meteor shower had landed over me. I went to twitter in search of answers, turns out it could have been fossilized waste from a plane, lol. After some investigations, I’ve learned that there are strange looking bugs, red ones, on our Red Robbins in the yard. In the clover beds under them, white sand looking things are thrown out from the clovers when disturbed. It’s bazzar but that’s what I have concluded I felt had landed on my head. I’ve since sprayed the garden. Watch this space.


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