Dear Journal,

I didn’t really like Monopoly growing up. I mean, I liked the idea of playing it, but then when we actually started the game I quickly got bored of it. Today however I managed to pick up a DC Comics version with the usual characters, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman – it was a tonne of fun. I’d seen the limited edition version around before but didn’t want to part with the money unnecessarily but on special at a laughable $23, I grabbed the last one in the window. Kids had a blast. I think I did the most though.

Wife cooked pork belly for dinner. I swear, for someone who doesn’t eat beef, pork or lamb, hands down I have never tasted a better pork belly in my life. No restaurant, friend or family can beat how she makes it. And she doesn’t even eat it. But damn, I savoured every bit. Apple sauce and sauerkraut on the side… Mmm, mmm, mmmmmm.

I’m busting to get some more NaNoWriMo done this weekend. Like addictively busting. Especially on Monday after school dropoff.

Kids birthday party early tomorrow morning so a busy morning ahead, but a the moment I’m trying hard to get little Everly Primrose off to sleep for the night. She’s resisting.

Until tomorrow,


3 thoughts on “Saturday, 10th November 2018

    1. It’s cool right? We have a whole bunch of themed versions here. Although I’m not sure if there is a star wars one. But this certainly is cool. A nerds dream really hahahaha

      1. We have lots of versions here but I haven’t seen a DC one. I’ll have to have a nosy in the shops. Imagine if there was a Star Wars one… I’m checking Amazon right now!

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