Dear Journal,

I’m addicted. Officially, addicted to writing. It’s becoming a daily habbit where I make my visit to the café, iPad in hand and just write. And I’m loving it. Without resistance the words just flow lately and it’s fullfilling. On so many levels. The creativity, the reflection, the nostalgia, the relaxation, the therapy. Writing does it all.

Whipped up some juicy steaks this afternoon. These scotch fillets are going down nicely, not as good as that thick cut rib-eye though, but value for money is there.

Nearly done wrapping up the 3rd week of the parental break. Come the new year I think I’ll take a week off here and there to keep the pace calmer, it’s helped alot with recovery and brain clarity. Burnout pretty much gone away now.

NaNoWriMo is coming along very nicely! Around 7.5k words. Will need to pick up the pace a bit by the end of the weekend. If I can go into next week above 10k words I’ll be quite content.

Little Everly is fussing a bit tonight, first time really, she’s been sleeping like a, well, a baby. Maybe she’s having a wonderweek?

Grateful for alot.


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