It’s not you, it’s me.

I need a little break. I originally took this month off work to be with family and recover from burnout. I’m doing that, and it’s definitely something I’m enjoying.

But —

I need to close the blog. It won’t be forever, and by that I mean for maybe, 3 days?

This is what I’d like to do with the next few days in order to get a quick self-care boost;

  1. Stay off WordPress and the blog.
  2. Focus on getting a decent amount of my book written.
  3. Minimise my use of social media. I need to disconnect, internalise and be present at home.

I’m very comfortable with doing this, and I think more often as bloggers and writers we should all feel this comfortable. Here’s why;

  • Blogging and writing is a long term game. We need sustenance to withstand the long game.
  • Burnout can get real. I’m recovering from the last 365 very busy days and need to be at my prime for the next 365, and that means switching off.
  • Culturally, we work, work and you guessed it, work. But rest is just as important.

I’ll be back on Thursday, 8th November 2018. That’s around 3 days. I’m giving you the date as I take this seriously, you invest time in me, and I need to be at work, to bring you content.

I’m excited for the return already, but will feel relaxed between now and then, focusing on my family and my book.

Between now and then, I wish you well. See you on Thursday (Sydney, Australia time).

In the mean time, you’re welcome to revisit the last epic run of daily posts I wrote for you by clicking here, where I’ve compiled them into a single category for you.


8 thoughts on “I’m closing the blog.

  1. I applaud this!! I don’t blog every day because it’s hard for me to write that much content. I try for 2x a week. I struggle with burn out a lot so my blog and social media aren’t my main priority. When I do write, it’s something I really want to say. Hopefully taking a break will help you too. Take care of yourself!!

    1. I totally agree with that view. Writing about something you really want to say. It can get hard writing so frequent. A good break helped, I hope anyway 😁😁.

  2. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back from commitments and responsibilities, taking a blog-break and stepping back from social media is just fine. Enjoy your self-care time x

    1. That’s exactly how I felt. Just hit me over the weekend, blogging everyday, felt a little burnt. Nice to be back today though. Really appreciate the nice message though, I read it while off. Ivan.

    1. Thanks Kim. I’ve quite enjoyed it. Thought I’d be a little more relaxed but I think I’m to into the blogging community, I don’t like to be away πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€“. Was still nice to switch off though. Hope you’re well! Ivan.

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