Dear Journal,

Spent most of the day indoors today, out of the ever increasing Sydney temperatures. Not even summer yet and yesterday was a vulgar 40°C, with today around 31°C. And to think we will peak at around 47°C soon enough. Save me!

Little Everly Primrose is a little clingy to Mumma lately. She loves her snuggles with me, but with Mum a little unwell, it’s like she’s maternally attached even more. Incredible life is.

I watched the sunrise this morning. Baby girl on my chest for nearly 2hrs saw me watch the night sky go from black to that morning sunrise blue. Was quiet nice.

Cooked three juicy scotch fillets tonight. Love these steaks this year. And so does Dejan. He’s quite into his medium rare rib-eyes, very mature at 7 :)

Tomorrow will fit in some more book writing. Today was care mode, tomorrow we hope to write a little, but still really happy with the progress so far.

I’m into mints this week. The big ones, coin size. Not too sweet and not overly minty, but definitely fresh.

Night’s winding down now. Looking forward to a shower and chill for the rest of the evening. A little exhausted if I’m honest. But nothing unmanageable.


5 thoughts on “Saturday, 3rd November 2018

      1. An orthodontist in our area had a buy back for candy. They donated $1000 to the school that had the most kids who brought in their candy. I think they sent the candy to the troops but I’m not sure. My kids would never do that haha

      2. That’s a really good idea. What a great initiative. I guess the kids could out some in their own pockets first for safe keeping and then donate the rest. Haha

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