What made the October favourites list?

This month the focus has been so much on you, the community, and on my family during the birth of our daughter that I invested little in those tangible things that usually make my monthly favourites list. There was, however, a few noteworthy favs making the list which I’m still amped to share with you.

What I’m reading

I realised recently that I tend to take on more than I can consume when it comes to books. I get overly excited when I visit the library and borrow more books than my reading pace can keep up with. To combat that issue I have been practising speed reading in hopes I can at least improve my reading speed. Admittedly then, I’m still finishing off Radical Candor from last months favourites list.


I also picked up a copy of Extreme Ownership by Ex-Navy Seals Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. This book is right up my alley. I’ve alway had a strong interest in military life and couple that with lessons from decorated soldiers around leadership, it’s a destined great read. I’ve been practising my speed reading on this book and so far I’m still retaining equivalent to my usual reading pace, so fist pump to that. I’m also getting through it slightly faster than usual.

The book, so far, takes the reader through various stories on the battlefield and translates the lessons learned in each mission to real life practical circumstances. Being the leader of a team in a large organisation, as well as being a parent, these lessons will prove invaluable.

Any books you can recommend for November?

What I’m wearing

Last month we had a pair of white kicks take this spot. This month it’s an almost fresher item being Dry Impact Plus by Nivea Men. If I’m being honest, I’m not sure why one would need 48h anti-perspirant protection; does anyone not shower at least once a day anyway? But it does certainly last my few busy hours from morning till evening with no issues at all. Yielding a masculine scent that’s fresh, a touch sporty and definitely not like a gym room, I’m confident with the Australian heat fast approaching this week with expected 36degC days, I’ll be covered by Nivea.

What I’m eating

Ribeye (bone in), otherwise known as scotch fillet without the bone-in in Australia, is definitely on this months what I’m eating list. Our local Woolworths sells cuts of ribeye at close to 700g including the bone, an MSA grade coming in at almost 2 inches thick for a tad under $24 a cut. Rubbed with quality olive oil, a generous amount of Himalayan pink rock salt and a dash of cracked pepper, it makes the mouth water on the hot BBQ grill coming off medium. Being a little on the pricey side, I enjoy these only a few times a month.

How do you do your steak? Leave me a comment below.

What I’m doing

Most of this months’ free time is spent writing for this here #blogtober series. It’s been a tonne of fun and surprisingly easy to fit into what has been a very busy schedule for the first 3/4 of October. I’ll put that down to the love of it, and you, the community.

Cruising through the next three weeks however, I’ll be spending the rest of the month and most of November with my family while I’m taking a much needed break from work. I’ll still be blogging, don’t worry. This will, of course, include endless cuddles with Everly Primrose.

What I’m loving

A favourites month wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t make mention (again) of our newest little addition to the family. There’s tonnes of love going her way.

If I’m to be selfish, which this blog indirectly allows me to do, I’d have to say being able to write with a voice that feels like my own for once is liberating. I deleted some 30 non-relatable old articles from this blog a few weeks ago which was a breath of fresh air.

The content coming through now is much more inline with the brand vision and my desire to give more than I get back. It’s also surprising just how rewarding and well received being vulnerable has been with the tribe. Thanks for being so receptive to that.

It’s a little somber to think October is coming to a close in just a few days, yet excitement still lingers with Halloween just around the corner and the opportunity to still enjoy writing for #blogtober.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, and thank you for reading, especially this far.


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2 thoughts on “October Favourites | What I’m Diggin’ This Month

  1. Oh wow that steak looks delicious, I love it when we get steak for dinner, usually as a pay day treat! I liked mine cooked medium so it’s really tender inside but with a good colour on the outside! Love a good ribeye! It’s funny thinking your weather is so hot at the moment, we hit about 3 degrees on Saturday it was really cold and snowed in some places, even where my mum and sister have just been on holiday which is south west of where we are. Your baby is so beautiful 😍

    1. Medium. That’s how I like it. Keeps its juicy with just enough red. Yep, payday treats 😁. Same.

      I can only imagine how nice 3°C days would be now. Favourite type of weather. Lucky it snows close. Closest snow we get is about 45mins away but that only usually lasts a day before it’s melts. We got as low as -4°C in winter which was bliss.

      I can imagine your garden must be so nice in the winter, with a hot cup of something sweet.

      Thank you for the kind words. ❤️

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