Admittedly, there were a few extra journal posts this week. One, because they are an easy way to share an update and document my life for myself, and two, they also fill in the spaces between the absolute grand, yet wonderful chaos that has been this week of October, and, blogtober!

There was humility in referring to the small number of you that are regular readers, but it appears that number is slowly growing this month, so I feel a larger number in the community are following on with Siladji Life, and I’m humbled.

So with that, let’s give this weeks’ wrapup.

Day 22: Monday, 22nd October 2018 (personal journal entry). I was scrubbed up and in the operating theatre that day, so a small journal entry was posted. I couldn’t contain my excitement to make a special announcement, but I did share it the next day.

Day 23: I have someone for you to meet… This is by far the most visited post in #blogtober. And I’m thrilled it is so I could share the most wonderful news ever with so many of you. My little girl was introduced to the world. This post is real special to me, I’d be chuffed if you gave it a read.

Day 24: A friendly nudge for you #blogtober peeps. Writing can be hard when you juggle alot. This piece is dedicated to writers all over the world, that find themselves busy to write at times. Enjoy.

Day 25: Thursday, 25th October 2018 (a personal journal entry). Another short entry, holding days together and keeping to my promise of blogging daily.

Day 26: Friday, 26th October 2018 (a personal journal entry). The final journal entry for the week. It was someones birthday, I was out of sleep and yet, the day was superb.

Day 27: Thank you, for no reason, but you. Overwhelmed with gratitude, thankfulness and humility, because of you, I write this special piece solely for the tribe. You, who is reading this right now, thank you and enjoy this one.

And here we are, the end of the fourth week, and, just days out from nearing the end of the month of October! I’m taking on an even bigger challenge in November, and I’m hoping you’ll join me for that journey too!

Until tomorrow,


Read the collection of #blogtober posts here.

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