Sitting beside my new Himalayan rock salt lamp, my little girl Hazel in my lap, nearing 11pm at night, I was about to write a daily journal post. It then struck me, we are nearly 4 weeks into October and there are only a few days left. So I switched gears, back to you, in thanks.

For those dedicated readers of the blog, you’ll know I’m an avid believer of caring less about the numbers and more about the people reading. I’ve penned about this in a few different ways here on the blog before, such as this one here. I truly subscribe to that belief, particularly having been blogging for a few years now, still considering myself a small blogger. I even avoid checking my stats until one week out from the end of a month to see what lessons I can learn rather than to care about the actual number itself.

Today was the one week out check. My only goal was to beat last months’ result as a means of progress. I’m blown away. The immediate feeling I had was just thinking about you. Just the immense gratitude I have that so many people have been reading my blog this month, especially around the #blogtober project.

If, through my words, I can embody what I feel as far as thankfulness, so that you can feel what I feel, that’s my only goal of this piece for today, the 27th day of October. Who ever you are, today, I’m so humbled by you reading these words right now.

For all your comments, and sharing you have done, it all means bucket loads, I can’t express it enough. I’ve found my calling in life, and it’s writing, for you all each day.

So, in closing today, I’m humbled you’re here. I don’t take for granted the fact that there are a bunch of you that stick around regularly. With that, we will meet again tomorrow.

From me, to you. Thank you.


Read #blogtober 26: Friday, 26th October 2018.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, for no reason, but you.

  1. It’s a great feeling to find yourself in the heart of this blogging community. Like you I’m not obsessed over stats and numbers but as my WordPress defaults to opening on the stats screen I am constantly aware, even if I don’t analyse!
    Quality not quantity! Congrats x

    1. You nailed it – quality not quantity. I’m on WordPress Mobile so I I don’t see stats often unless I click the stats button, which I don’t now. You’re right too, it’s a great feel, the community is wonderful. Thank you for the congrats, and reading as always 🤓🤓 Ivan.

    1. Our newest daughter is Everly. My first daughter is Hazel. I have two girls, and one boy also 😁😁. Thank you for all your reading. It’s been a tonne of fun this blogtober. Still a few days left and then it’s November already.

      Appreciate all the well wishes. Hope you’re well too and enjoying that garden.

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