It’s a little chaotic at times, right?

We all have busy lives – in between working, studies, family life, finding time for friends and relatives, social commitments and sports activities or hobbies, and we can’t forget rest or recovery, maybe sleeping or reading. Whatever is your fancy. Let’s even throw in there having a baby, shall we?

And then for some of us there is writing/blogging, if that doesn’t fall into the category of work or a hobby. In fact, many of us reading this started a challenge some 24 days ago, quiet a large one, to blog everyday in October.

Today’s is as great as any other day to check in and see how we’re going. Us bloggers are known for how well we support each other.

It’s not too late to start, nor does a slow start mean we should give up or consider quitting. Every word we write is worth it’s weight in gold to your community, if you believe in your message.

Wherever you’re at in this point in October, be kind to yourself, give yourself a friendly nudge to pen some words, even if it’s something small. And if you can’t quite get there today? There is always tomorrow. We’d love to read it.


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