Life in general is throwing around all kinds of mixed emotions. Hang in there, some wonderful news coming soon for the true fans in our tribe.

Despite a rollercoaster of a week (and the best hasn’t even started yet), I managed to knock out a post each day. I won’t let a day slip, I promise.

What’s been happening on the blog during this past week of #blogtober?

Day 15: Is it possible to show too much empathy? I presented a serious question to the community in my first pivotal piece for the week, one I’ve thought about alot lately. Empathy is one of those emotions requiring emotional intelligence but goes miles when shared. I hope this is a real insightful piece for you.

Day 16: Tuesday, 16th October 2018 (personal journal entry). I shared a handful of journals this week, which have been surprisingly well received. This was also a historical day, the day I finally paid of my student loan!

Day 17: I think my Mum was most proud – Versatile Blogger award. I was flattered to be nominated by Ray from for this award. It really got me thinking what it means for us as writers to be versatile, in an often perceived competitive industry, but more so a changing one. Enjoy. I wanted to share this with you, a fellow writer.

Day 18: Thursday, 18th October 2018 (personal journal entry). The second entry for the week. I picked up a new book to read, by a navy seal, interesting, right? And like me, do you get confused with fiction and non-fiction?

Day 19: Friday, 19th October 2018 (personal journal entry). The final journal entry for the week. I reflected on why people seem to enjoy these types of posts. I’m humbled. It was also a muggy day. Bring back winter!

Day 20: The broken toilet teaching writers a lesson. My (attempted) comical piece that, in true style, aims at taking you on an unexpected journey after you’re curiousity from the headline gets you in. But not without flushing out a lesson every writer needs to hear. My second and final pivitol piece of content for this week.

Remember, you can always easily visit the entire #blogtober catalogue by hitting up the menu at the top under ‘projects’. Or, you can simply click here.

Other than that, wish me luck 😉.


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