Dear Journal (and blogtober readers),

It’s appears, to my surprise, that people enjoy reading these occasional short journal entries. I mean, I like reading about other people’s lives, so I guess it makes sense people might enjoy reading about mine. There is something interesting about seeing how and what other people do. It’s the curiousity in us.

Today arrived. It was a little strange walking out of the office today, knowing I’m off for so long. It’s equally as nice. I’ve switched off already. I knew I would this time.

Its muggy. A scary insight into the impending summer?

I’m curious, I wonder how long it would take to learn proper speed reading? I can do it a little, kind of self taught, but do you think I could learn it relatively quick, like, while I’m on this break? I’d like to ultimately read alot more books. I’ve always been concerned that speed reading means you might not remember everything you read with as much detail. Is that right?

Watching my little girl Hazel fall asleep on the lounge aside me is bliss. I’m blessed.

Looking forward to writing some good, plump posts this weekend.


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