Who can believe that we are at the end of week two of #blogtober already? In fact, almost half way through October!

Again, I’m thrilled to have connected with so many unbelievable bloggers, from all walks of life.

I recently stumbled across a tweet that asked about the backgrounds of different bloggers, and to my surprise we all come from vastly different walks of life —

I love dipping through all the comments and reading the profiles of everyone. My most favourite are the small bloggers and writers who come from humble backgrounds. Real people – parents, students, people with passions and hobbies of all different types.

What’s been happening on the blog during this past week of #blogtober?

Day 8: My favourite movies of all time. I loved the conversation around this one. Added a great idea to make watching movies a surprise. Any in here you like, or hate?

Day 9: I’m sick. A poem to my community. Got slammed with a cold (e-hum, man flu the wife says). Still penned something short. Not a poet, by any means. But hey, I thought it was good 😅.

Day 10: One box. Ten years. All alone. I posed an interesting question — if you were sent to a place of solitude, all alone, for ten years, with no human contact, what would you pack? Turns out the most difficult part of such a journey? It’s a long time not to be away from others, but for many, a long time to be with themselves.

Day 11: Thursday, 11th October 2018 (personal journal entry). One of two personal journal entries which I usually don’t promote but I share with you.

Day 12: Be grateful you’re still a small blogger. The whole premise is getting you to realise that growing you’re readership or community too fast is not always a good thing. If you’re a blogger that has been at it for a while and you feel your progress in audience growth is slow, be grateful. It’s for good reason.

Day 13: Saturday, 13th October 2018 (personal journal entry). Second of the two personal journal entries which I shared with you this week.

And here we are, the fourteenth day. This week I also put together a category section on the blog under the projects menu to easily allow everyone to look at the #blogtober catalogue. You can also simply check that out here.

This next week is going to be interesting, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to hang with you in the comments.


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