Dear Journal (and #blogtober readers),

I hesitated at the thought of getting up too early to do it, but after a fair sleep I awoke, had breakfast, checked social and ventured out the front yard. I cut the lawns after all of this rain and fixed up some of the garden.

Meditation has been enjoyable lately, I’ve started using the headspace app. Not 100% about it just yet, so the exploration continues for an app I enjoy.

Cold has subsided, so I’m feeling almost like new again. I can now focus on winding down my last week at work before I take a month off to enjoy with the baby coming soon. I can’t wait.

I’m stocked up on plum pudding, fruit mince pies and custard, getting the Christmas vibes on. My absolute favourite time of year.

An apple pie is going in the oven soon, the night is upon us, it’s Saturday and I’m going to go and zen.


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5 thoughts on “Saturday, 13th October 2018

  1. I used headspace for a while but found it too monotonous after a while. I did like Andy’s discussion before and after each meditation, he makes some great observations.

    1. Yeah, they seem a little repetitive but I might not have tried a few enough different ones in the series as yet. I had one on iPhone before, I think it was called actually called Zen. Have you got another you can recommend?

      1. Hmmm, that’s irony 😅. Shame the app facilitated that. Regardless, you having some focus on sense and breathing and the likes is so good. Even that helps.

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