Being naive, it’s easy for us to think that growing fast is the right way, most likely through fear of missing out, that if we don’t get to the throne first, that another content creator will beat us to it instead. It couldn’t be so further from the truth.

I’m so fortunate, so fortunate… to be in a position where having been a blogger for nearly five years, I’m still considered new in the industry, a small fish in a huge pond as you say.

I’ve noticed of late, the more I enjoy interacting among colleagues in the blogging community, we are witness to an increasing number of those whom buckle under the pressure that is content creation, be it writing, you-tubing – whatever. I fear, no, I’m certain, the very bar we are setting for ourselves to grow followers, gets views, go viral, land sponsorships, all of it, that it is setting ourselves up for the very failure we are trying to avoid.

Here’s my take on growing too fast and going viral too soon

You ever heard that saying through blood, sweat and tears, or, sweat equity? What about, earning your stripes?

Having to start at the bottom, without any audience and churn out content, day after day, week after week, to an audience of virtually none builds your experience. It teaches us the value of replying to every single person. Yes, Every. Single. Person. It teaches us to handle the pressures of writing or creating content when we juggle families, relationships, work, and life in general. Each time we do this, our threshold increases. Our ability to flex in a situation increases and we learn to deal with the skill of growth and its returns.

It takes a very specific type of person that can learn to swim as soon as they are thrown in the deep end. Most can’t. We crawl before we walk. We walk before we run. It’s the same for content creation. I’m no expert, so take my experience for a grain of salt, but I seem to see increasing numbers of people that drop one piece of viral content, grow from zero to a million in a year, become famous overnight – and then buckle when the pressures to maintain that are hit. I feel bad for them.


…it’s not without eating my own words that I need to feel privileged to be growing slowly, so stripes can be earned, that I write content such as this piece you’re reading, in order to humbly bring you along the same journey. Not as my competition, but as my colleague, as my team mate.

Look, I may never become an established, on the platform writer, I will sure try, but if I do, hopefully the internship that is preaching to a small audience, sometimes no audience, hopefully that will pay some dividends.

So, let us try, together, shall we?


Read #blogtober 11: Thursday, 11th October 2018

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6 thoughts on “Be grateful you’re still a small blogger (or creator)!

  1. Wow Ivan this is such a good way of looking at things! Firstly I thought it was important to have lots of people read my blog but now I feel much more relaxed about it. Some days I might get 5 views and some days I get 25 and that’s ok because all the while I am gaining in confidence with my writing. Thanks for sharing this it’s made me feel better about my progress 🙂

    1. You and me both. I always think there is a different way of looking at things. Small steps… It’s a long game. It’s better to have 25 a day giving you nearly 10k a year, doing that each year than go viral once and then fizzle out and give up. In my opinion anyway. Your doing wonder things. Let’s keep it up shall we 😁

      1. Aww thank you! You’re overt talented! You really are right about the taking it slow thing and I know I also need to stop comparing myself to others who go on about have blah blah amount of views. We are who we are and do our best so overall that’s what counts – so yes we should keep it up 😀

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