Dear Journal (and #blogtober readers),

Usually I don’t tag my journal entries, I reserve them mainly for my own reference and for those that are really into my blog, for them to find these themselves. Today, I’m opening them up.

For the first time in the challenge of blogtober I’m finding creativity a little difficult to tap into. With that said, the day, or atleast the afternoon was a little hectic with work. This challenge of blogging daily in October, while working full time, parenting, two kids, another on the way, blogging etc… it’s certainly living up to the name challenge. But I love it all the same.

On a seperate note, sometimes I ask myself, why is it that some people feel so compelled to help others, or, the world at large almost above themselves? Why would I consider shaking things up when I’m so comfortable in order to try and make change and have an impact? I dunno. I still ask myself recently.

I really felt a sense of gratitude last night, with our third child on the way. My wife is doing so well, and our two other kids, they are so perfect. Above all else in this world, I’m so blessed to be a Dad and a husband to such a loving and adorable family.

Really looking forward to the month off the week after next. The thought of a month to enjoy it, spring time, daylight savings, BBQs, walks, writing/blogging, time with baby and wife. It’s going to be real nice, and also hopefully the cure to this burnout would be as a bonus.

Oh yeah, I’m overdue for a camping trip. I can’t wait to go again. Soon enough I hope.


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