What happened so far across the last 7 days of #blogtober 2018?

The best part of the last 7 days? Definitely YOU.

As we collect our accomplishments, consider our challenges and reflect on our relationships, it brings me a sense of joy to know that so far the first week of #blogtober has been a hell of a ride.

I’ll mention a few special thanks a little later on, but first, let’s take a look at how the first 7 days of blogtober 2018 looked on the blog and what’s up in our community;

Day 1: Upon my darkest hour, becomes our greatest light. An incredible piece that begins with a sense of curiosity, quickly turning to pain. A very personal and deliberatly vulnerable real life tale, making full circle to bring a sense of hope. I’d be honoured if you read this one, and shared it with someone seeking light out of their grief.

Day 2: To all of the writers that question their writing. Inspired by day 1, and my own experience having felt a sense of transformation, I kept my focus again on you, my community, our industry, the writers and readers of this world. Focused on getting you committed to others, this piece is as much about that service as it is about why we write. A real worthwhile article for passionate, life long writers and bloggers.

Day 3: 10 unknown (and maybe weird) things about me. Having taken you on a deep journey on day 1 & 2, I needed to let loose on some fun, shift the focus on me, your writer, and again with some vulnerability, and a dash self-mockery, giving you ten unknown things about myself. Some of them weird. Ok, a few of them.

Day 4: When life throws curve balls. Not everything can go smoothly during #blogtober (or life), and when things go sideways, you ride with it. Turning a few days worth of challenges into a reflective piece, I aimed through a brief telling of falling off track, how one can just go with the flow to keep from giving up.

Day 5: Being yourself requires being brave, but it’s worth it. Like most pieces I write, this one starts of differently than you expect, telling of my growing up mastering the art of nerd-ism, only to take you on yet another full circle, bringing the focus back to you, inspiring a sense of self acceptance. This piece means alot to me as I see so many, myself having been included, living to please others. It’s time to be you, to embrace you and be proud of you. Please read this one.

Day 6: Zen. A short article stringing together the last two posts before we regroup here. When your head says slow down, sometimes it calls for Zen.

And here we are at day 7. If you’ve read this far, enjoyed my work to date, commented, tweeted or retweeted, I’m indebted to you. Thank you.

A special thanks to the following writers & readers who have kept me going this week (amount others), contributed their opinions and left me thoughts;

  1. inmygalaxy30
  2. Rachel Hart
  3. Gloria Yasmín
  4. Lee Bowden
  5. Michelle Buck
  6. thegoodthehuman
  7. Saving Joyfully
  8. Fiona from sunraintea

What I’ve learnt this week

A little preparation will go a long way.

I tend it do things on the fly, it is useful for creativity but is a challenge when you have two kids with another on the way and a busy life. I may need a little organisation across this next week of the blogtober challenge.

I’d love to know what your favourite article was. It would mean alot to get your feedback. Drop comment below?

See you for day 8 tomorrow.


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The only thing left to do is invite you to leave a comment below. I’d love your feedback or just seeing you say hi.

14 thoughts on “#Blogtober day 7 | What an incredible week! Special thanks to…

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post! I definitely appreciate it!
    I agree with you about a little preparation going a long way. I usually spend most of my Sunday’s planning out the rest of the week. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’d get anything done!
    Best wishes for the rest of Blogtober!
    ~ Ray

  2. So very thoughtful of you to mention those who kept you going. I’m beyond grateful and surprised I’d make it to your list. But thank you. You’ve also encouraged me. I appreciate it.
    That does sound like a lot on your plate and planning does go a long way. Hope you figure some organizing that suits you perfectly.
    As for which post I liked best, I have 3 favorites. Post 5, 1, & 2. I couldn’t just choose 1. May this 2nd week be as awesome as the first. Happy Blogging!

  3. Hi Ivan! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. I am so happy that we have made the connection. I love your writing and your words. I feel as if they are just something you would say to be if we were speaking about a problem. Thanks for the support. I’m so looking forward to following your blogging journey 💜 xx

  4. Thank you for tagging me. I love seeing what you are putting forth. Thanks for including me. I’m enjoying the back and forth conversation too! Keep up the great work Ivan!

    1. Me too. The conversations are the best part. It’s nice to hear the feedback about people liking my work, but it’s equally nice shaving a community. So thank you.

    1. Thank you Fiona. Really pushing the creativity limits but that’s where growth happens, right!? Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting. Enjoy a tea this afternoon for me. Ivan

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