Life’s funny, atleast thats what I’m going tell myself, in that it goes real smooth for a while, and then, when you’re really conscious of it needing to go well, it’s takes a big sh*t all over you. Like today.

It’s all too easy for us to throw in the towel, say it’s too hard, complain it never goes our way; but what will that do for us? In actuality – nothing.

Sometimes it’s just necessary to give life what it’s asking of you – faith. It doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual, it can even be just letting the process play itself out, knowing that ultimately some things will be within our control, while other things will not. Even those things that aren’t in our control rarely eventuate into the catastrophe we think they will. 9/10 times everything just goes A-OK. Read the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, it explains the reality around that statistic.

So, what are we to do when life throws us curve balls? Grab a friend, someone you can trust, reach out to your online community, connect with a family member, pick up a journal, read a book, light a candle or dial a direct line to God and have a chat. Do what you can to control what you can. Then let the rest be.

In standing by this argument, I’m surrending to my wife and watching the final episode of Australia’s The Bachelor. That should chill me right out 🤓


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2 thoughts on “When life throws curve balls…

  1. That show would make me crazy angry. All we can trust is what we do now. I can drive myself crazy with the future or guilt from the past so I have to realistically look at it as… All I can do is control my nows. That’s it. And it brings me a sense of comfort. The future and past are beyond my control and no one really knows what will happen when we die.. There are assumptions and beliefs but all I can do is believe in me. Is that self centered? Maybe. But at least I’m a less crazy version of me 😂

    1. Not self centred at all, at least not in a bad way. It’s a healthy take on looking after yourself. You’re right about the past. Nothing we can change. But too often people seem to keep the story of the past and let it define their future. Of course we can take action today to make things happen tomorrow, but as you so said, sometime we can’t control the future too. So believing in yourself is so important. You said it well Michelle. Thank you.

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