For each of us, it is different. Our reason. The calling that compels us to tap at the keys or carve words with our pen each day. It’s just too easy to be drawn into the sense of security that an extra reader falsely gives, just because they clicked a follow button. Yet, we live for that buzz.

The profound effect we can have on just one – it is by grace. One human, one spirit, one family, one life. Through our words, arriving at the most unsuspected points in time. To know that what we write, when shared from the soul, can touch another, far exceeds the importance of any one number of followers.

It is so easy for each of us as writers, as we go on our daily journey to carving our space in the vast array of time that is, to loose focus on what we are here to do. Our reasons, no matter what they are, are indeed our own, and for that you are right. But, if it is a sense of calling you feel to write a post you fear will be unwell received, but you know in your heart it is a story to be told, then tell it. Tell it knowing it may touch one.

I believe that for every writer that wants to make an impact, a day will come where you will realise why you do what you do, and although one thinks they already know the answer to that question, and you may very well know, it’s not until you connect with that one reader, that one reader that needed to hear what you shared, that you will come to know that what you do really does matter.

Hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers have embarked on a journey this month to challenge themselves to #blogtober. Coming into what is now day two of my very own journey I have come to realise just how important it is that what we write is read by real people, people with real stories and challenges of their own. It’s all too easy to come up with a list of topics, headlines, or outlines of what we think we should write about, thinking that it’s only other bloggers who may read what we put out there. But there are those, either by chance or journey, whom will come to your blog in search of an answer. If you can, I compel you to use your skill as a writer to share a story, not for the masses, but for just one. It’s that one where the real difference is made.


Read #blogtober 1: Upon my darkest hour, becomes our greatest light.

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11 thoughts on “To all of the writers that question their writing

  1. So carefully crafted. It resonated with me on so many levels. It holds a great truth. Reminded me of when I first started my blogging journey on a different platform. I encouraged myself, saying those words, if it can reach and touch at least one person. At least one, then I’d know I’m doing a good thing here.

    Enjoyed the read.

    1. Sounds like your calling. It’s so nice to have landed on writing. It’s such a powerful tool for change and influence, in good ways. A big thanks for reading, and sharing your thoughts too!


  2. I love you for this, ” it’s not until you connect with that one reader, that one reader that needed to hear what you shared, that you will come to know that what you do really does matter.”

    It’s all worth it. All of it.

  3. You know… I love blogging. Out of all the ways to connect, blogging is my favorite. Usually it seems that someone will contact me and say “I just wanted to say how your post affected me”. It’s in a good way. I don’t always write to connect. Sometimes I just write because it’s healing. I sometimes don’t say things perfectly. I swear. I’m not polished. But maybe that’s what makes us approachable… Our imperfect selves. Bring open and vulnerable.

    Thanks for sharing Ivan. I’ll check out blogtober too.

    1. Those types of messages are the most rewarding. And that’s the beauty of blogging, on our own blogs, that we can write for ourselves, and others.

      😄 About the polished part, I swear growing up in school we were convinced to write a certain way, the “right” way. I now fly in the face of all rules and those posts seem to be most impactful. It’s great that you do you. Writing in an approachable way. It’s the most magnetic, don’t you think?

      Thanks for sharing Michelle. And I’m surprised I wasn’t following your MB blog. I thought I was. A new one? I am now though! 😄🙌🤓


      1. I thought I was following you too! Lol. I’ve changed mine a bunch but I think I have it now how I like it, mostly! I’m working on a post for blogtober. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. You can never be absolutely certain of why you write — or why you do anything whatsoever!
    I also remember a friend of mine, a musician, who had told me the same thing as you wrote in the article above: even if only one person will enjoy your writings, they are worth publishing. He holds the same stance for his songs.
    In any case, writing in particular is something that is worth doing even if you don’t intend to publish what you write.

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