I really dig a good challenge when it comes to blogging. As bloggers and writers in the blogosphere, writing challenges give us that little extra kick to produce more, hopefully good, written content.

Once such challenge is the annual #blogtober challenge where writers from all across the world set out to create an individual piece of written content in the form of a blog post each and every day for the entire month of October.

For some bloggers, daily posting is the norm, for others, it’s a real challenge. Last time I participated in the #blogtober challenge was in twenty-sixteen so I’m pumped!

From the little research I have done so far on twitter, I’m seeing a few themes coming through that people hope to shape their content around. If you’re a writer and you’re reading this, I’d be curious to know if you are planning on writing to a set, pre-planned theme, or, do you just plan to go-with-the-flow as they say? [Leave us a comment down below].

For those of you here that enjoy my content regularly, I’d love to hear from you on whether there is anything you’d really love to read about. Again, you can leave me a comment or reach out to me on twitter.

At first glance I’m really hoping to tell more stories. Everything I write about is based on truth, you know, real life stuff, from my experience but in story telling form, hopefully with a little wisdom sprinkled in there for you too. That’s what I’m really hoping to bring in October — more of that.

And, come’on, October 1st falls on a Monday this year so the, “I’ll start on Monday” phrase is really going to work for a lot of people.

Being just five days out I’m quite excited. I think I need to get a little heard start to begin the momentum – I see a few people have already begun.

So, if you’re a writer, have fun and join in, it’s a great way to build your audience, and most importantly, welcome wonderful people into your community. And if you’re here just for my writing? Sit back and enjoy the month of October!

Don’t forget, leave us that comment down below!


Read #blogtober posts by visiting the collection here.

6 thoughts on “Are you ready for #BLOGTOBER 2018?

  1. My first ever blogtober participation this year. I’m excited. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog. Looking forward to read your blogtober posts as well. As for the question, I’m more of a planner when it comes to challenges like these, because if not I wont get it done.

    1. Welcome! So glad Gloria. Is it the 1st yet where you are in the world? It’s started here in Australia. First article comes out later today.

      Planning — sounds like you’re self aware in this respect, and if that makes it all come together for your writing that so good. I could learn a little about that. All the best for your month of writing.

      So glad to have met you here.


      1. Thank you. It’s now the 1st. (Morning) First post has been scheduled and will be up later as well.

        Glad to have met you too. Wish you a wonderful writing month.

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