Dear Journal,

Burnout is real. I haven’t been off the blog for two weeks because of the blog, Ive been off the blog for two weeks because of work. I’ve needed to Zen. To re-energize. So I can continue the good fight.

I managed to Seasol the lawns a week ago. Gave the grass a good water yesterday. Green sprouts really starting to shine. One of my favourite parts of spring and summer. Even the maple tree is budding.

King of the grill? You could say that. We’ve had half chicken in lemon honey grillin’. T-bones. Crunch potatoes and capsicums. The smell of a BBQ when the weather is fine and the heat is at bay is bliss.

I watched Justice League, for like, the 5th time. Man, I wish I was Kryptonian. Answer my prayers already God. It’s only been 27 years of asking.


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