August was a month on the blog I’m pleased with. Month-on-month I’m reaching more of you consistently which feels very rewarding. But it’s September now…

This post is not just about me. For the first post in the month of September (already September, wow), I’m dedicating this to you, the Dad’s in the tribe here, and, for those that happen to come across this.

In Australia, Sunday 2nd September 2018 marks Father’s Day. And I’d like to wish you a happy one.

I recall last year explaining to you all that Father’s Day, for me anyway, in part, is about reflecting on how I want to be a better person, for my kids, and family, but also the world. I was so caught up on the fantastic day I was having I realised at 10:30pm as I was winding down that I haven’t given this much thought this year. It surprised me a little ’cause I’ve thought about it each year, every year, for a while now.

I’m a little more content this time ’round. But there is always room for improvement. So I’ll be dedicating some time in the coming days to think about what matters most over the next 12 months, which I’m due to do across all of my life.

None-the-less, I feel that speaking to myself as a Dad is also speaking to you. The good Dads. The great ones. Hardworking. Patient. Affectionate. Supportive. Each in your own ways. Your kids will thank you for it one day. And I hope today they showed a little love your way with whatever you all got up to.

Happy Father’s Day fellas.


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