In a white plume, fluffy and light, the soap kept coming out from the drain. We suspect it was a little too much soap added during the washing machine cycle. It’s fixed now. That cycle ended.

And Now.

To you, the tribe, thank you. You reading my posts, sharing your thoughts and opinions on any little piece of content I have put out – somewhat selfishly, it’s been a nice month for me on the blog. It’s my hope that what was provided has challenged some of your thoughts, sparked an idea to explore and compelled you to give a little to someone, with your time and intent.

Five. That’s the lucky number this month. Five pieces of content I’ll wrap up here for you in case you missed anything. This focus felt a little extra on the side of leadership. I know why and it’s not surprising. I think the world is calling for leadership, now more than ever, whether it be for the workplace or for a tribe of millions. It’s needed.

The most pivotal piece penned in a long time, and for once one that I consciously made about you. Intended to form the “About Me” part of my blog I finally realised that page isn’t really about me. It’s about you, and what [I] can give.

A mixed bag. An enjoyable one. Filled with random things that all fell together to try and bring balance amongst some chaos. Some items got a Texan tick of approval while others are designed to help you to sleep. The tribe shared bucket loads of great advice around sleep. If you face challenges with sleep, visit this instagram thread we had going. The celery tip was gold!

A very short post, just as short as the stove top coffee I taught you how to make. Just the way I like it.

It’s the intent that this one will stick around a little as it still has work to do. I can’t blame anyone, the process of content creation is as much about growing and maturing as a person than anything else. Hopefully the follow train is terminating at the next platform.

Along side the “about” piece, this again feels like something directional. This one was a task in getting more people to embrace selfless parenting and exposed me to the true definition of leadership. Designed to empower the reader through contrasting a child’s strengths against the possible outcomes of doing so, the power of being a great leader is no more challenging than trusting the child as much as it is about trusting yourself. Worth a read if you are a parent, grandparent or parent-to-be.

The part, we part.

And that’s a wrap for this month. Again, thank you for being alongside me this month as I do what I love to do. Let us begin August, together.


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    1. Thank you. Make sure you confirm the sign up in your email 😁. I always take the time to see everyone who comes on board when I get the subscriber notification. It’s so interesting you say you don’t see my stuff in your feed? Do you think it’s just because of time differences or I’m not getting it in your feed right? I can’t thank you enough for the kind words. It really does mean so much.

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