Dear *You,

*Herein refers to bloggers (usually smaller ones, just starting out, or been at it for a few years. Also includes aspiring writers, of any sort).

I see you on Instagram and twitter, like used car salesmen, pushing to get those last 7 followers to get you to 700. Then it’s back to the grind, to get to 800. I’m humbled (cough) when I see people offer to read all the blogs and watch all of the video links when “shared in the comments below” in return for a follow. But what comes of it?

For the record, yes, a few of you are genuine. I can see that. But there are more ways of adding value than that. It’s of absolutely no use to anyone to have the follows, with zero engagement. For the life of me I can’t wait until twitter gets their game right and deletes the ghosts so my own numbers are correct. But don’t inflate your numbers for the sake of vanity, or thinking those 7 people will actually give a fuck.

My message is this, follow someone you care about. Someone you want to read about. For real. If you have no interest in dog walking and you follow a poodle parlour hoping they will follow your tech review site back, I ask you why? For the numbers? So it looks good? What about the depth? The conversations you could have, or lack thereof.

In my opinion (take it for what it’s worth), the number of people in your tribe you actually need is equivalent to the number of real humans you can sustainably engagement with, provide value to, at scale, without sacrificing your self or them by the date at which you will die, minus 1 day.

You have to understand, blogging for four years, sometimes with no traffic takes resilience. You ought to find some of that. Platforms for creating content are not going away, they are however becoming more integrated in everything we do. Join me on being focused on building brand, regardless of how small our numbers are today. Let’s take this for the long haul. We are writing for real people, who are giving us real time. Their valuable, real time. Let’s give them our true attention today so they will be back tomorrow. They deserve that. And so do you.





7 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Bloggers and Writers

  1. You are right Ivan numbers aren’t important from that point of view. Sometimes I feel good that I have over 1000 followers on Twitter and wonder why, but then I think most of them are just following me because they want a follow back. But that’s daft because I only follow people who I have an interest in and who tweet things that I can relate to. There are a handful of genuine people who I follow and follow me back who I would class as ‘friends’ even though we haven’t met snd really they are the most important ones. So in reality I’d be happy with about twenty or so followers because they are the ones I engage with. Sorry for waffling!! 😀

    1. No, not waffling at all. You make great points. A small and loyal tribe is the key. I think you do this pretty well, I consider you a friend, as you have explained how you see that, so we are aligned in that 😁. I recently heard the first 10 are important but it really only takes 1000 loyal people over the lifetime of a brand to really make an impact. Not millions. Thank you, as always, for contributing your thoughts. I value them. Ivan.

      1. It is alot. I agree. But, I’ve learnt this process takes a long time. Biggest lesson personally. You write well on your blog. It’s genuine. You’re tribe will appreciate that no doubt, and feel valued. I say we all enjoy this journey of blogging.

  2. I love that you are speaking out on something so important. True engagement and support of other bloggers is very important to me. Unfortunately I only have so many hours in everyday to give back but I certainly try to do so in any way that I can. Keep doing what you are doing Ivan. I love your about page it is so welcoming and so encouraging.

    1. Sounds like you’re doing alot more than most and you’re certainly aware of it which is good. I found your very page because someone had shared a link on twitter, which meant you’re adding value. You’re part of the great community that is blogging.

      Also, thank you for the compliment RE my about page. That really made my morning. It was a very conscious piece that one with that very intent so to read that was very humbling and nice.

      Ivan 🤓

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